Thursday, January 26, 2012

RJ Says: 100% is Back!

100%… It is how I try to live my life.

In 1982, I got a phone call from a guy I knew at the races. His name was Drew Lien. The conversation went like this:

Drew: I dig your bull dog style and never give up attitude. I'm starting a company and would love to sponsor you. I can't pay you right now, but I will give you all the free product you can have.

Me: Whats it called?

Drew: 100%

Me: What will you sell?

Drew: Heat shields and numbers.

Me: I'm in...

A few months later, all the top racers ran 100%: Bailey, O'mara, Ward, Glover, Lechien, Kehoe, Holley, and the list goes on.

From that point on 100% has been my life motto. I am giving 100% in whatever I do. Truck racing, coaching, working or loving my family. Win or lose. Happy or sad.

If I am giving 100%, I can go to sleep KNOWING I have done my best.

Drew has past, but his dream lives on. He was a special person with a big dream. God Speed my friend.


Ricky Johnson

Read the Press Release below for more info about the return of 100%:


Mark Barnett Jonathan Barragan Andrea Bartolini Bengt ≈berg

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