Monday, June 25, 2012

RJ Says: Phoenix Supercross 2012 thoughts, Los Angeles Supercross preview


First off, I want to congratulate KTM, Roger De Coster, and Ryan Dungey for KTM's first Supercross Class main event win. It's huge. I know of all the work they have done in the past few years in developing winning machines, teams, and more. Look at what they did with Stefan Everts and Pit Beirer in developing the 350 SX model - two world championships so far with Antonio Cairoli.

KTM in America has been working on the new 450 that Ryan races. It's a new effort, on a new bike. For Ryan Dungey, his win last Saturday in Phoenix goes a long way in many areas, but I feel the most important is that it adds confidence to the team and Ryan.


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